Chair of the Month

THE STUNNER: The Guernica Lounge Chair from Laura Kirar’s ground breaking collection for McGuire Furniture. This glorious piece of collectible furniture has undeniable presence and is truly the epitome and definition of ‘statement piece.’ The craftsmanship and engineering that is required to create this gorgeous, yet edgy jewel is much more complicated than it seemingly appears. Each lounger requires a custom-made needle that painstakingly pulls contrasting smooth and textured laces at variegated lengths through 3,500 holes in tiny honeycomb caning. This custom process takes a single artisan several weeks to complete.

The Colette arm-chair is a stunning feature piece from The Minotti Brothers x Rodolfo Dordoni collaboration. The contrasting soft fabric and rigid exterior create an artistic arm-chair that leaves a lasting impression. The enveloping shape of this chair adds a unique flair to a classic design and allows your body to perfectly mold into the seat. The craftsmanship is so complex that the metal is welded in more than 300 places.

When your client begins the conversation with “we don’t want to see anything we have ever seen before,” THIS is where you take it. Maximalism was the crux of this design aesthetic; our mantra being more is always more. Inspired by just the right amount of wrong and a touch of whimsy, we incorporated a myriad of textures, materials, and wove statement pieces throughout to keep our clearly ‘design-centric’ client intrigued.