A Day in the Life of an Install

At HRI Design, we often get asked “how” we manage to create so many design projects and make them come to life. To be candid – it isn’t an easy feat! However, we know that it truly takes a village and are fortunate enough to have an incredibly talented group of visionaries and highly skilled support staff to make the process as seamless and painless as possible, not matter what phase the job is at.

If you were to ask our fabulous design team which stage of the design process is the most exciting, you would get an overwhelming response: Installs!! The installation process of a design project is truly one of the best parts of being an interior designer. It is so rewarding to see your ideas come to life, even if the process becomes hectic!  An install is full of moving parts, complex details, constant trouble shooting, and yet, simultaneously remains tons of fun. Every project is different and since we have jobs all over the country, you never know what to expect. No matter how many times you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, even the most organized plans will encounter a mishap or juggling act that requires a bit of extra creativity.

After months of creating, planning, purchasing, trouble-shooting, shopping, and more trouble-shooting … the installation begins, right after 2 espresso shots from Starbucks!

Day 1: Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Even the most organized of designers can easily get lost in a sea of stacked boxed at an install. So, with intentional strategy, the collaboration of HRI’s stellar purchasing agents, and the partnership of highly trained professional installation crews throughout the country, we manage to get our furnishings in just the right location. Throughout the box madness, the design team simultaneously unpacks accessories to ensure that our products are unharmed and exactly what we ordered. After inspecting each product thoroughly for chips, cracks, and other damage, placement of our procured items start to make the space look like a home. But there are still a myriad of items left on our list… even at the end of an exhausting day!


Day 2: This is when the vision starts to come together. After everything has been unpacked and placed, we get to start accessorizing and finalizing little details. We dress the beds in brand new linens and fluffed pillows, unroll rugs, and start hanging art. Choosing and placing art is one of our favorite things to do on an install. A beautiful painting or unique piece of photography can add depth and elevate a room in seconds. Once the furniture, art, and rugs are set, we start to accessorize and set vignettes, arguably our other favorite part! This is where we add finishing touches, texture, personality, and pops of color. Every home needs a little extra love!


There’s no such thing as an install without a few hiccups because there are so many moving parts to an install. However, we strive to ensure that the final product looks effortless and inspired. And luckily, at HRI we work with some extremely talented designers that can rework anything to create stunning design. Despite the seeming chaos, our team always manages to pull it off and have fun in the meantime! We truly love what we do!