HD Expo

Recently our team ventured to Las Vegas to attend the 2019 Hospitality Design Expo. The HD Expo is one of the leading tradeshows and conferences in the commercial design industry. We were amongst some very talented designers, architects, and manufacturers that attended, and we incredibly inspired!

To start, there were some amazing vendors that truly impressed us. There were brands ranging from drapery, bedding, appliances, art, and beyond. A few of our favorites were Designform Furnishings, a high-end furnishings company specializing in all thing’s chairs, stools, lounge chairs, sofas, tabletops or table bases. Another stunner was LDF Silks an innovative company producing custom permanent florals, organic wall art, sculptures, trees & plants. Viso Lighting a multidisciplinary design and fabrication firm, that specializes in contemporary decorative light fixtures. Their style is statement worthy! Many of their pendant lights appear to be glass shades, however, they are made from a polycarbonate body, with a high-gloss exterior finish. And these are just a few of the incredible vendors we saw and met.

There were so many great new products in both retail and fitness realms that are being translated to branded experiences. We were so inspired with the innovative idea behind the Shinola, Equinox, and West Elm Hotels. These companies took their product and brand and created a one-of-a-kind three-dimensional environment and destination that people can visit. These highly-catered boutique hotels concentrate on more than just aesthetics. The hotels are fully immersed in the culture and roots of their respective cities. In addition to the environment, the décor decisions are very intentional. The color of the rooms, lighting, temperature, bedding material, and even the flavored water with the fruits of the season are all picked to greatly impact the science of your sleep and stay.

We were also fortunate to attend a keynote presentation from the Slydell Group, the team behind the Nomad Hotels. The Nomad hotels are unique boutique hotels that have landed on many “best of” lists. Each hotel is a design-forward reinterpretation of an old historic building with destination dining, drinking and décor.

Design expos always provide great insight into what’s trending in design. There was a large presence of pieces for exterior spaces. And many of the seating pieces are blended with indoor aesthetics. We noticed that patio pieces are starting to transition from neutral to bright and colorful. Tucci Umbrellas and Kettal Outdoor had some fantastic outdoor pieces we loved. There also seems to be a heightened need to blur the lines of a building perimeter. Whether it be for a street side café, a communal gaming area, a rooftop patio, or fireside lounge, people are yearning for seamless flow between spaces. Also, noted that the pieces in general were much more sophisticated in style than you would expect from your usual outdoor décor.

Ultimately we saw incredible new product lines, dynamic presentations, and were truly inspired by the overall trend-forward energy of the expo. We’re so fortunate to be able to see the latest and greatest in all thing’s ‘hospitality design and décor’ and can’t to push the boundaries of design for our amazing clients.