Chair of the Month – May

The Colette arm-chair is a stunning feature piece from The Minotti Brothers x Rodolfo Dordoni collaboration. The contrasting soft fabric and rigid exterior create an artistic arm-chair that leaves a lasting impression. The enveloping shape of this chair adds a unique flair to a classic design and allows your body to perfectly mold into the seat. The craftsmanship is so complex that the metal is welded in more than 300 places. Each rod is sandblasted, powder coated with epoxy and then manually placed in the metal structure. Precision is key when it comes to achieving this organic silhouette. Each and every individual chair is handcrafted by a professional welder. The shiny metallic finish comes in white gold and black nickel, adding a luxurious layer to this already elegant arm-chair. The smooth channeled goose down is wrapped in white leather making these cushions every bit as sumptuous as they are stylish. These high-performance cushions are Assopiuma certified, Gold Label and are composed of 90% premium goose feathers. This arm-chair is also very versatile, you can customize almost every part of the chair to fit your needs. If you want to add height to the arm-chair you can have adjustable stainless-steel feet with the matching finish attached. The stunning design not only comes in two different finishes but also two different heights. The clean lines and modern structure will add elegance to any room it inhabits. We would place The Colette as an art piece in a formal living room or as a comfortable seat tucked away in a luxurious reading nook. To see just how complex and detailed the process of designing this arm-chair is, check out this video here. You can find the Colette at Studio Como In Denver, a show-room that specializes in European Design with a rocky mountain aesthetic, check them out here!